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About motivation
The purpose of this website is to provide a place where I can share my Sim creations along with those of anyone who wants to post their creations on my site. I hope that everybody will have fun with them.
May I post XM Sims items on my website or other website?
All items in XM Sims are for personal use only. I don't authorize anyone to offer my original creations for download or for profit in any method, even if credit is given.
Some of the items I downloaded aren’t working properly in my game. Why is this?
All of the Sims2 items offered on this site are in beta version right now. If there are any problems, please let me know. (Thanks MTS2 and SimPE).
How do I download items?
For free skins, simply click on the picture of the skin you want. Be aware that all hair downloads require the corresponding hair mesh. Click on the big picture for the hair mesh and at least one color bar above to it for the hair color. Some clothing downloads also require a mesh.
For free objects, click the little bar under the object's name. Make sure you always download the first bar because it is the only one that includes the mesh. All the other bars are recolors.
For donation gifts, I will send the gift as a attachment within an Email after receiving notification of your completed payment from PayPal.
How do I Install the items I’ve downloaded in the Sims 2?
After downloading an item, unzip the file. If you’re using Windows, right click, or hold down ctrl and click, on the zipped folder. Choose “Extract All” from the menu. An unzipping program (such as ‘WinRar’) will open. Click on ‘browse’ to select the folders to save it in and click on “My Documents” then “EA Games” then “The Sims 2” then “Downloads”. Then click ‘okay’. The Files will be saved in the game and that’s all you need to do. When you launch the Sims 2, make sure your custom content browser is ON. You may also need to download the CEP (Object Color Enabler Package).
All creations have a " * " mark on the thumbnail picture. For clothing, buy it in the game's shop. For hair, click the " * " mark on the top left of the appearance change box. Note that all of the hair, and some clothing, requires both a mesh and a recolor to be downloaded.
Are the downloads free, or do I have to pay for them?
We try our best to offer free downloads. There are a few donation gifts, and your donation will help us keep the website running and create more and better items. Thanks.
When I try to click on navigation, it keeps closing. How do I get these items?
Try to directly click the (skins, houses, or donate) button. It will lead you to the main-menu.
When I try to unzip the file, it tells me that some bytes are missing, and never unzips.
Try using a professional download software, like FlashGet.
May I clone/redistribute XM Sims items?
No. I’m sorry, but I've worked very hard to make them. None of the items in XM Sims may be cloned or redistributed.
About file sharing
Please do NOT share our items with other people.
Please do NOT offer our items for download on any website.
Please do NOT offer a package, which include any item on XM Sims, on any website to share with other people.
The pictures and files on this site may not be linked directly to show them or download them from outside this site. (No Hotlinking Allowed)
About clothes and donation gifts
Please do NOT modify, nor recolor, nor redistribute any clothing, nor any donation gift.
About meshes and texture files
All meshes and texture files are under the copyright of XM Sims, and may NOT be cloned, modified or redistributed in any way. You may recolor our hair meshes, clothing meshes and object meshes, which are not donation gifts, as long as put your recolor on the free area of your site, and these recolored items must be offered for free. But you may NOT offer or distribute the original meshes, and you must give credit to XM Sims and link back to http://www.xmsims.com for the meshes download.
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