About motivation

My website's purpose is sharing the sims items made by myself, and I hope that everybody can have fun with them.


About usage of the items

All items in XM Sims are for personal use only. I don't authorize anyone to offer my original creations for download or for profit in any method, even if credit is given.


About clone/redistribution

No. Sorry, I've spent plenty of hard work to make them. All items in XM Sims may not be cloned or redistributed.


About recolor

Please feel free to recolor those objects which have a mark on top of their picture, as long as giving me credit (such as putting a credit to XM Sims in your download descriptions), as well as linking back to Xm Sims and including the original ReadMe text file in your download files, and these recolored items must be offered for free. Donation items and items without the mark are under the copyright of XM Sims and may NOT be cloned, recolored or redistributed in any way. I'm looking forward to your great work.


I hope you can enjoy my items.